Project Description




100% Tannat


The grapes are chosen from selected vineyard parcels and are manually harvested when in optimum ripeness. They are transported to cellars, where a selection belt conducts a second selection.

Over three days, a pre-fermentation maceration is conducted at a controlled temperature of 4° C, after which selected yeasts are added. Fermented in stainless-steel tanks at a controlled temperature between 25° C and 28° C. Malolactic fermentation in tank. The wine is aged in new French oak barrels for 6 months.

A short, 2-day maceration at 4° C is conducted to break the grape skin tissue and obtain a higher polyphenol content, after which a 10-day fermentation is conducted at a controlled temperature between 25° C and 28° C using the marc.


8.000 kg per hectare


Paso Cuello, Canelones

Tasting note

This intense red Tannat with violet hues has a leathery, blackberry jam bouquet that slowly arises once the wine is served. The typical tannins of the variety, rounded by its time aged in barrels, can be tasted in mouth. A perfect pairing for barbecued meat and fatty cheeses.



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