We are constantly striving to be an environmentally friendly winery and have sustainable production methods

Since 2014, our winery has photovoltaic panels to generate energy from a renewable source.

As part of our sustainability policy, we create grape marc compost. By using it in the vineyard, we minimize the use of inorganic fertilizers.

To decrease soil erosion and nutrient loss, as well as to increase the presence of beneficial insects and microorganisms, the entirety of our vineyards use natural plant covers and species planted between the rows of vines.

As from this year, we joined in the Integrated Viticulture Production Program lead by the INAVI and the INIA, and as from 2022, our harvest will be Sustainable Viticulture Certified.

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Traversa in the world

Our wines are exported to Brazil, Russia, Poland, Belarus, Japan, the United States, Mexico, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Paraguay.