We are moving forward to be a friendly cellar with the environment and sustainable in our production methods.

  • Photovoltaics energy. Since 2014 our winery produces a 75% of the energy used in its facilities from renewable sources through solar panels installed on the roof of our warehouse.
  • Best practices in the winery. Since 5 years ago, our export bottles are 25% lighter, which requires less energy for its transport, reducing our carbon footprint.
  • Best practices in the vineyards. We have renewed our fleet of tractors, for more modern and efficient units, consuming 35% less fuel.
  • Composting from pomace produced in the harvest and its subsequent use in the vineyard, it allows us to reduce by 40% the use of inorganic fertilizers.
  • To reduce erosion problems and nutrient losses, the 70% of our vineyard area is maintained with natural vegetation cover and species planted.

renewable energy generation
Weight reduction of the BOTTLES

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  • Social responsibility with the comunity, we provide ongoing support to the local school, where the children of our employees and residents of the area assists.
  • Donation of land for the expansion of the Agricultural Social Club America, where locals concur and various social events take place. The Club is used for the company’s employees to celebrate their birthdays and their families. Counting on a meeting room, barbecue and baths.
  • Construction of a bus stop shelter, for the locals and staff from the winery use.
  • No cost houses to the company employees: Traversa has a housing plan that provides, by seniority, houses for our employees and their families. This houses are located in the vineyards, in less than 10 KM radius of the winery and are granted without cost to the employee.

The wine and its moderate consumption, is proven that brings many health benefits. Grapes, as fresh fruit, provides fiber, vitamins and powerful antioxidants (phenolic compounds), within surprises us the benefits of resveratrol.

  • Resveratrol is a polyphenol present in varying amounts in both grapes, white and red, but it is the latter which is in greater proportion.
  • Resveratrol is also found in many other plants and is synthesized in response to stress. In the case of the vine is present in stems, seeds and skin mainly in grain, its tenor depends on the grape variety and can be increased under certain circumstances.
  • Prolonged maceration, seeding selected yeasts, the correct pumping and controlled temperatures, allows increased extraction of phenolic compounds from the skin and grape seeds, producing an increased concentration of resveratrol in wine.
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The FOSS wine analyzer is of Danish origin and there are only two in Uruguay.
It is an instrument of the latest technology that measures more than 20 parameters of wine and grape must. The information is presented in electronic format and can be sent by mail instantly. It can analyze more than 50 samples per day and the result is ready in less than 3 minutes.

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