This company with its vast vineyards and wine processing plants, is backed by the constant presence of the Traversa family.
Sixty years and three generations of hard work that support the quality of their wines.

Our constant attitude toward continued growth, with dedication and development has led us to be more grinding winery nationwide and our vineyards to be an example of the Uruguayan wine.

At more than 240 hectares of its own, we add vineyards of producers whose crops are directly controlled by the company, thus obtaining a great harmony with the wines from their own grapes.

Las variedades plantadas son: Tannat, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay y Sauvignon Blanc.
STheir grapes are processed with machinery and art facilities, and the wines are made with the highest technology winemaking.

It begins with a strict production control, harvest at the optimum moment, the planting of selected yeasts, fermentation controls, cold application in the elaboration process, clarifications, and tasting of the wines to define different quality categories.

From there we step storage into large vessels of great technology, such as stainless steel, thermal tanks, or resting in american and french oak barrels.

Traversa Family

This company with its vast vineyards and wine processing plants, is supported by the constant presence of the Traversa Family. Sixty years of hard work and three generations that support the quality of their wines.

Each new planting and maintenance, processing, packaging and distribution of wine, marketing and customer service is always supervised by a family member. So we are, and we strive for quality, and this is the result of our work. The history of this family is the legacy of goodness and hope that, as in our case, we are united in the vineyards and for three generations.

In 1904, Carlos Domingo Traversa came to Uruguay with his parents. Son of Italian immigrants, was in his youth rural pawn in farms vineyards, and in 1937 with his wife, Maria Josefa Salort, managed to buy 5 hectares of land in Montevideo. His first plantations strawberry and muscat grapes were small-scale.

In 1956 he founded the winery with his children, Dante, Luis and Armando, who today with his grandchildren have great pride to continue their dream …

Traversa Family

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Traversa Family